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The 4 pillars of The Nest

Nurture • Equip • Show • Transform






Origin: Latin - nutrire (feed, cherish)

"to help or encourage the development of someone"


At The Nest we want to encourage and promote healthy development - of not just the spirit man -but of the triune being.  


We can help sons of God advance and culitvate a deep relationship with the Godhead and everything that is a part of His Kingdom.


We want to provide an environment of social inter-action and education that will promote action on both the teachers' and the students' sides.




Origin: Norse - Skip (man a ship)

"supply the necessary training for a particular purpose"


Our intention is to make sure that each student is equipped for the call that the Father has on their lives. 


We will do this by providing the necessary teaching & training to enable students to walk out the pur-pose that God has for them.


Not only do we want to prepare and equip each individual for their spiritual journey, we also want to make sure that each person is equipped with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding they need to make a difference in the earth.








Origin: Old English - Sceawian (look at, inspect) 

"to explain or demonstrate something to someone"


One of the key objectives of The Nest is to have the ability to "show" the students how to actually do the "stuff" we're talking about.

We don't just want to share a lot of theory and have amazing teaching material.  We want to show our students how to actually do what they need to do to see change.  

Our role is primarily to share information; but also to take that information and translate it into practical application using tools, keys and strategies that each student can use and grow from.




Origin: Old French - Transformer (change, alter)

"make a marked change in the form, nature, or appearance of someone / something"


At the end of the day our goal is to bring transform-ation into the lives of each student. As they engage everything that they have learned, their lives should tranform from being an immature infant into a mature son. 


This is a process of 'metamorphosis' whereby we can all be changed by the glory of the Living God.  

We want to see a corporate body of believers that function in the realms of the Kingdom and that manifest the Glory and Life of the Father all around them.